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We sit in a coach to the terracotta army which lies about 36 km to the north-east of Xi'an. We are curious, because these excavations belong to the absolute highlights in China. „Do you also want to visit the mausoleum“, a young man asks us into English. "Yes", I answer a little bit briefly, because I am tired and feel no desire for a longer communication. "My name is Chang", he says and shakes my hand. Thus we find out that Chang tutor is and since four weeks travels around China. „It is very unusually for a Chinese to be travelled so long.“, I am surprised on which Chang himself encourage feels to talk like a waterfall and to explain how interested he is in the history of his country and a dream comes true for him with the long work break. At the last station the friendly Chang enquires after the way to the mausoleum of the first emperor of China. Now with our self appointed tour guide and translator we saunter for one of the biggest grave constructions of the world. According to the statement of Chang, the eighth Wonder of the World

When we reach the mausoleum of Qín Shǐhuángdì, the first emperor of China, who also explained Xi'an to his capital, relatively few visitors are there only. „You are lucky not being here in summer or during one of our holidays. There one has hardly the chance to see something because of ten thousands from guests“, explains Chang as he would have guessed my astonished look

A few hundred metres farther we stand in the main pit before a gigantic terracotta figure army. It is a breath taking sight. „One has exposed and restored 1.087 soldiers and horses here“, explains Chang. "Impressively", I say. "Absolutely", means the archaeology eager teacher and adds that in the whole grave arrangement estimated 7.278 full-size foot soldiers and riding soldiers should be. „One will only release the others when one has restored here everything. The archaeologists work bit by bit on the excavation which absolutely still years will last.“

Enthusiastically we walk past an entire army of the past whose soldiers were formed from yellow terracotta clay and nobody resembles the other. Also eyes, noses, ears, hair, beards as well as the body figure are different from each soldier. Even the ranks of the warriors are to be recognised by the different uniforms. Many of the clay men have been crushed in the course of the millenniums in the halls created for them by the earth masses or have been destroyed while digging out. Now a whole crowd of restorers also works on continually repairing again during the visit times.

In the spell of Changs stories we still have a look at two other pits and at the museum. Then we go back to Xi'an again together by the coach. „Many thanks for the fantastic explanations“, we thank. „It has also given big pleasure to me to be on the move with you. Thus I could oil my rusty English a little and I was not lonely“, he says, waves and disappears in the mass of many people …

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Latitude N:

Longitude E:

Total kilometer:
11.431 km

Complete height meter since tour start:
13.679 m

07:47 a.m.

05:39 p.m.

Temperature day max:
5 °C

Temperature day min:
minus 6 °C

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