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Rattling lungs - knocking hearts – never ending gradient


At 9:30 a.m. the first kilometres lie behind us. Shortly after the city border the Qin Ling mountains rise once more up to more than 1,500 metres. Our muscles have gone immediately warmly and the Bosch motor gives us with his efficiency a quick rise. At temperatures about below 4 degrees we cycle again in a sort of high-level dam there which applies about the back of the mountain range. With blue sky and clear view we enjoy the imposing gulches which open on the left from us. At the little broader places grow apple trees which expand into regular plantations if the mountain slopes rush not at some places 500 metres in the depth. In the street edge small stands are established, and fresh apples with red cheeks are sold. We stop and buy some of the tasty, sweet fruits. Then we continue our journey. Since we cross the Qin Ling mountain range, mother earth presents to us a large part, not destroyed nice nature.

We let our bikes roll in one of many valleys as Tanja’s brake terribly starts to squeak. Immediately we stop to find the reason for this injurious noise. Because I cannot diagnose the cause on the first sight immediately, we push our bikes into a street bordering forest piece. "Wow", it slips out me as me find out that the brake linings are totally worn. „Nevertheless, you must have noted that the braking efficiency has decreased?“, I am surprised. „No, everything has functioned excellently“, answers Tanja. „Good you had not to put down a full braking. This would be up to such a mountain distance fatally. Your back brake had zero brake effect left“, I say and renew the layers.

We have hardly continued our downhill drive, as direct before Tanja a car absolutely abruptly out from a parking bay on the street goes. I hear only Tanjas tyres blocking and see in the rear mirror like her bike and trailer massively slide. Immediately I stop. „Everything okay with you?“ „Puh, this was scarce. He has cut me. If you had not exchanged the brake linings, it would have been a crash“, she answers excitedly. To us it is consciously how lucky Tanja just was and what a luck it was to have just only minutes before renewed the brake layers. Or was it no luck? Was it fate? Divine? Protection? Coincidence? One could discuss this long. Fact is anyway to suffocate upcoming problems immediately in the germ. Above all to examine above the bikes before every journey for perhaps loosened screws, wear or technical defects.

The sun stands quite deep and dips the asphalt before us in a golden light. We screw ourselves repeatedly about countless bends in a valley. Although our today's aim, the small town of Yijun, only 71 km of air line lies away from our early morning starting point, our board computer already indicates 120 put back day kilometres and 1,500 metres height. „Whether is this there in front Yijun?“, asks Tanja on some of the typical Chinese high rises interpreting to whose black, jagged silhouettes crown a mountain point. „I hope“, I answer violently wheezing, because it goes again upwards. With complete darkness we reach the town which was really established on the highest point of a mountain hilltop.

Before us a small lane stretches upwards. „There you do not come up with your bikes“, we understand the man, who explained us to drive further in the valley to reach then over a main street again in the town. „Here this street is too precipitous. I never create this“, says Tanja looking on the lane disappearing in the darkness. „You create this certainly. Insert the first or second gear and give full power. Then you climb like a mountaineer upwards. The Bosch motor does not let you down“, I say. „I hope you are right“, doubts Tanja. „Okay, on my command!“ I call. Because at that time I feel tiredly and floppily I try to sound confident. We step like wild in the pedals and screw us with four or five km/h upwards. Our bikes sway and our dog Ajaci squeaks from pleasure. Because we are in a town and do not want him run over, he must remain in the trailer. We work the way up bit by bit, metres for metre upwards. The end of the increase is not to view, because the night swallowed the view of the small lane. Our lungs rattling, the hearts hit like mad and pump the blood into the veins to supply with the necessary oxygen. Then a speed bump, one of the disagreeable speed brake lies down straight across the street. „Step!“ I roar to motivate Tanja to manoeuvre her heavy bike about the barrier. Should the speed bump stop here, there is with this gradient no chance for a restart. Tanja masters it, however without coming to the standing position, about the violent speed breakers which stretch now all 15 metres above the roadway. Our muscles overheat, but trained well so that they do not over acid and close. Luckily no vehicle comes towards us, about the narrow writhing gradient. We create it completely upwards. Completely exhausted we stand there and snap air.

Then we find the strength and bang happy and sure of victory our right hands together. "Great", I say. Tanja grins. „Yes great“, she answers. Only 100 metres away from the little lane stretching precipitously upwards there is our accommodation. The hotel employees open the double door and we may roll for the first time on this trip our bikes and trailers complete in the lobby. Only inside, in the cosy warmth, we begin with unloading. Agile hands help us to carry many bags in the room.

The live reporting is supported by the firms Gesat GmbH: www.gesat.com and roda computer Ltd http://roda-computer.com/ The satellite phone Explorer 300 from Gesat and the rugged notebook Pegasus RP9 from Roda are the supporting columns of the transmission.

27.11.2015 to 28.11.2015





Latitude N:

Longitude E:

Daily kilometer:

Total kilometer:

The crow:
71.40 km

Average speed:
21.6 km/h

Maximum speed:
47.4 km

Driving time:
5:37 h

Ground quality:

Maximum height:
1.400 m

Complete height meter since tour start:
12.898 m

Height meter of the day:
1.500 m

07:29 a.m.

05:32 p.m.

Temperature day max:
8 °C

Temperature day min:
minus 4 °C

Departure time:
9:30 a.m.

Arrival time:
6:00 p.m.

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