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Icily wind in the back


After we have spent this long time in Erenhot, loading the bikes is not easy for me. Above all I must consider quite a while where we pack now seven additional spare tyres which one cannot fold, unfortunately. At 11:30 o'clock we have accomplished it and have transported our whole having on the bikes and hangers. „An insanity what we all carry around with us“, believes Tanja. „That´s right, but what should we do? As you know, everything we carry with us we need some how“, I answer myself in the head scratching. „Yes, yes, it is quite clear to me. Hope only that the bikes do not break down.“ „I as well hope this.“ The friendly lady from the entrance opens the double door, so that we can push our heavy transporters on two wheels outside. The ice-cold wind blows in the lobby and sweeps a picture of the wall which falls crashing to the ground. The woman looks at us compassionately and shudders with cold.„ You must carry a facial protection“, she admonishes Tanja.

According to weather forecast today is the coldest day up to now. The extreme wind which blows from Mongolia about the border drives us in the bones. Whether do we get over the next winter with his bitter cold and merciless wind on the bikes? We should not have remained so long, it goes me by the head. However, because of the waiting for the spare parts nothing else was left to us, I calm my in a mess whirling thoughts. „ We will master it“, cheer Tanja´s words me a little up.

Meanwhile we are on a four-lane, wide road it looks like a highway. Over and over again I stop and try to find out about my map programme MAPS.ME whether it gives another possibility to reach in the south. „As well as it looks it is the only road“, I explain. „But, nevertheless, we may not go on a highway!“ „We have no other possibility“, I answer because there is no exit and also to turn back would be not advisable. Erenhot is just behind us and we find us again in the middle of the Gobi desert.

On the left and to the right of the highway G208 suddenly dinosaurs appear. These are monumental sculptures from metal which shine golden-green in the few sunrays which the cloud cover let pass. „Wow! This looks crazy!“, I shout enthusiastically, stop my bike, around the beings which animated this region once in big number to take photographs. Now for some kilometres the gigantic animals from the primeval times accompany us. The artists whom formed them let them look so real that one could believe they would really move. Two gigantic plants eating Apatosaurus which could reach at their lifetimes before 150 million years in length of 30 metres and weighed up to 30 tonnes curve their long necks about the G208 and forming therefore an extremely droll curve, under it the scanty traffic whizzes.

Whenever I stop to take photos or only have a small rest, the icy wind meets us with full force. I measure the wind and can hardly believe it: „wind force seven!“, I shout. „How much is this ?“ „The gusts reach up to 54 km/h“, I answer. „Good that they meet us in the back.“ Indeed, this is for us a big piece of luck because the next place in which we can load our accumulators is 120 km behind Erenhot. If we had this monster wind against ourselves, we would remain lying definitely in the middle on the distance. Because the risk, on such lonesome segments to stop in such thin-settled country without current is very big we have communicated meanwhile with Bosch. Since a few days we know definitively, six new 500 watts accumulators are on the way to us to China. With it we will own enough energy to be able to master big distances also under difficult conditions. Tanja has even suggested keeping our current 400 watts accumulators. Then though additional 500 watts accumulators would be an other increase in weight of approx. nine kg. per bike, however, we will raise purely theoretically our range of action on 200 km. The thought of the fact that we cannot remain lying then on the basis of energy lack any more on such a distance and also do not depend any more on street restaurants in which we must load our current collectors has a great reassuring

However, on this distance there is really no loading possibility and also no filling station. In the meantime the sky has darkened. It looks after snow. In the south dark clouds travel over the only with scanty grass covered Gobi. In the west and the east countless wind turbines turn before menacingly looking clouds. The weather situation is extremely tightened putting it mildly and that’s already in the ninth October. After the stiff north wind was chasing us since more than four hours we briefly stop to have ravenously a muesli bar. It lasts only moments to us, in spite of our wind stop clothes we are completely freezing. Trembling and with ice-cold fingers we jump, still chewing, in the saddles and jet further. Only after 70 km we exchange accumulator 1 for accumulator 2. Then a toll station appears. Signs show in unequivocal pictures that here no more bicycles are permitted. We follow a smaller road leading us in the place Saihan valley. Because we are not able to read the Chinese characters we ask ourselves how we can recognise a hotel or a lodging place. With anxious feelings whether we find a place to stay for the night we allow to roll our bikes in the place. „Over here! Nevertheless, this looks like a hotel?“, I shout. We have not risen yet from the saddle, there already comes to us a Chinese rushed towards and does ask with sign language whether we want to eat or sleep? „Both“, I answer in sign language. Immediately we are asked in the inner courtyard. Our bikes stand hardly on the stand several Chinese come running up to take a photo of us with their mobile phones. A very keen older man shows me the rooms. They are unexpectedly nice. In the bathroom there is even a tub promising a hot bath. „What does this cost?“ (Zhe duoshao qian) - to hold it as simply as possible the Chinese words put in clip are not written with the four different sound signs, lines above the respective letter. If one pronounces the words thus like in the clip it is written no Chinese would understand) I try to apply mine little Chinese. Unfortunately, none of the persons present understands me. As already I have mentioned, we have qualified three semester Chinese. However, we must find out here that one understands us hardly or not at all because of the wrong debate. Chinese is a tone language. Except the neutral tone there are another four tonics. Every syllable carries one of these five tones. Beside the debate of a syllable the tone is also vital for the meaning. So words with the same debate but different tone, have a different meaning. For example: ba means according to the tone eight, stretch, move, grip or father.

„We take the room“, I say made easier, after the price fits, our dog is allowed and the people are extremely friendly. While I unload the equipment of the bikes, Tanja and the old man carry everything inside. Then when I have uncoupled the hangers, I ask whether the bikes are allowed inside. The man nods friendly smiling and now helps me also to carry the bikes and the trailers inside the hotel.

The live reporting is supported by the firms Gesat GmbH: www.gesat.com and roda computer Ltd www.roda-computer.com The satellite phone Explorer 300 from Gesat and the rugged notebook Pegasus RP9 from Roda are the supporting columns of the transmission.




Saihan Tal
Latitude N:

Longitude E:

Daily kilometer:

Total kilometer:

The crow:

Average speed:
25,4 km/h

Maximum speed:
45 km/h

Driving time:

Ground quality:

Maximum height:
1.066 m

Complete height meter since tour start:

Height meter of the day:

Tail wind force: 7
53 km/h

07:33 a.m.

07:00 p.m.

Temperature day max:
12 °C

Temperature day min:
- 2 °C

Depature time:
12:10 a.m.

Arrival time:
05:45 p.m.

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