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Does it give miracles?


Some days ago we met a group of people who are going to travel with five cars through China. The group has a tour guide, Mrs. Spring she receives them on the Chinese border. Besides, two families also have a dog. We plan to travel together over the border to enter into China. Our dog Ajaci has perfect travel papers and vaccinations and we hope together with the group and the help of mrs. Spring makes the entry to China easier, and even better, maybe the quarantine for our Ajaci also remains to us saved. Also it is to be gone in to China just as in to Mongolia not permitted with bicycles over the border. Our new friends of the travel group are glad to support us and to take us and our bikes with luggage in the team.With strange feeling in the stomach we creep already at 6:00 o'clock from our sleeping-bags and pack up everything. Then we load the bikes into the camper of Jens. „I hope not to have trouble at the border“, he smiles. „If there should be difficulties we load immediately everything out and tell the duty that the bikes belong to us“, I answer, hoping that this case does not happen. „Have the Austrians already announced themselves?“ „They only started at 23:00 o'clock from Ulan Bator, however, they will be here in time.“, Jens is sure. The mood in the camp is peculiar anyhow maybe a little bit pressed. One feels the strain, above all the dog owners. Mark and Miriam are even especially nervous because their dog has eaten this morning a whole sausage. „This would not be so bad“, believes Miriam. „But, unfortunately, he has also eaten the complete plastic packaging with the sausage. We hope not that he now leaves a bad impression on the border and vomits the office veterinarian before the feet.“ „This will go well. Dogs bear a lot. Above all if it is about food“, I try to calm them a little. At exactly 10:00 a.m. a car directly drives over the sand into our direction. „These are they! Yes they made it!“, shout the persons in the camp and they are glad that the last vehicle of the travel group has arrived. „You have waited for us? This is great!“, the Austrian Andrea says to us oncoming. Now also her husband Klaus who just wakes up because he has driven a large part of the distance welcomes everybody and is obviously happy about reaching the group in time in spite of the repair of the gear damage. „Let´s go!“, somebody shouts and the convoy starts moving. Tanja and Ajaci go with Jens and I sit in the nice Luxury-mobile from Katharina and Peter. It does not last long and we are at the border of Mongolia. In the terminal building everything goes fast and free of problems. "Daraa bajartai", (goodbye) say Tanja and I. „Sain jawaaraj!“, (good trip) wishing us the officers laughing and we get back again in the vehicles. After a short drive we wait directly before the Chinese tollgate in which uniformed customs men stand and await us friendly. Then an official strides up to us and welcomes us with the words: „Welcome to China.“ Smiling he checks our passports. „I do not believe it. Thought the Chinese speak no English“, I say. „And how friendly they are“, believes Katharina. Then the tollgate opens and Peter drives his big mobile home on Chinese ground. Before a building the vehicles hold. We get out and try to orientate ourselves. Because everything is written in Chinese we are guided towards our intuition and go to the building. All at once Mrs. Spring stands before us. A small and friendly person who explains to us in good English where we should go. I welcome the charming young woman and ask her whether it will work out with Ajaci to bring him easily over the border. „I can promise nothing“, she repeats. In the modern, new receipt building we are at this time the only border crossers.I am limitless nervous, because I think the officials could reject our entry in the last minute. We have a six month journalist's visa, this is not common. Tock! Tock! whizzes the stamp on my passport „Whish you a nice stay“, says the official in English and passes to me my passport. „Was it this already?“, I ask Tanja walking beside me to leave the building again. „As well as it looks we are in China“, she answers me beaming with delight looking. „We are in China. Wow. Now only our Ajaci must walk in freely from problems. This would be a dream“, I say ecstatically. „There are miracles over and over again.“ „Yes if our dog comes through simply so it would be really a miracle“, I think and ask Mrs. Spring whether we should unload our bikes from Jens vehicle?“ „No, no, this has taken care“, her answer amazes us. During the drivers bring their camp mobiles through the last controls, we stand together with the fellow-passengers and speak of the miraculous, up to now absolutely free from problems border crossing. We stand just ten minutes on the other side of the big terminal building as well as already the campers start to roll. A uniformed assigns a parking bay to them. Now appear a few officials to compare the vehicle numbers of the cars with the matching papers.The officials are very friendly and finish their control. Tanja and I run over to Jens in whose VW coach Ajaci sits. Tail waving he jumps out joyfully. „And where is the veterinarian? There we have to go now with our dogs?“, I ask Mrs. Spring. „Veterinarian?“, she repeats my question. „For Ajaci and the other two dogs?“ „Your dog is in China. He does not need any more in the quarantine station.“ „What? How? He does not have to go in quarantine?“ I stand there and cannot believe which fantastic words have just reached my ears. Very sudden a load falls of my shoulders. A feeling of ease fills my body, so that I believe to take off any minute. The miracle has really happened. If myself had not become a witness of it I could not believe it. Above all Tanja already spoke in Germany over and over again to bring Ajaci without any quarantine over the border. "Impossibly", I had answered over and over again. „The divine ray must meet us“, I said.„Then the divine ray will meet us. I belief strong in it. I will manifest it with my thoughts. Nevertheless, you know that such a thing can function and we have already experienced miracle. Why should it not also work with Ajaci´s quarantine? I am convinced it can happen.How, I do not know yet. But we will manage it, at least with a shortened quarantine“, she told me over and over again. And now it has really happened and the "how" is not really important. Tanja looks at me with extremely happy expression. At this moment tears run us both over the cheeks. These are tears of luck, of joy and relief. Everybody may see such tears. Presently I sink on my right knee and thank Mrs. Spring from my whole heart. „You do not know at all how much you have helped us“, I say. „I have made this very much with pleasure. It was not easy. We had all a lot of luck and above all the three dogs own very good papers.“ Immediately we hurry to Katharina and Peter, our both angels who have helped us unselfishly from straight pieces without expecting any consideration. It is wonderful what great people on this earth are. Also I thank and embrace Mark for taking our dog trailer in his car. I embrace Jens for his courage to have taken the equipment and the bikes of two strangers over a border. „Many thanks Jens. I will not forget how you have helped us“, I say. „It was a pleasure“, he answers grinning. „Let´s go! Now all of us leave together the border area and go with taxis to our hotel! The vehicles stay here because of the still missing Chinese vehicle papers. We may fetch them tomorrow afternoon again!“, shouts Mrs. Spring, on which we all together walk with the most necessary luggage to a taxi stand before the border buildings. Only a few minutes later we reach a big, modern looking building in the frontier town Erenhot.

For everybody who wants to travel once by vehicle through China, and would like to be looked after and guided fantastically (Paper work, for travelling in China, Border entering/exit, Route design, Guide Service), Mrs. Spring is to be recommended very much.

Enclosed her email and telephone number:

Self-driving Travelling Service
Mrs. Spring

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Tel: +86 135 7981 0241

The live reporting is supported by the firms Gesat GmbH: www.gesat.com and roda computer Ltd www.roda-computer.com The satellite phone Explorer 300 from Gesat and the rugged notebook Pegasus RP9 from Roda are the supporting columns of the transmission.




Latitude N:

Longitude E:

Daily kilometer:

Total kilometer:

The crow:

Average speed:
24.2 km/h

Maximum speed:
35 km/h

Driving time:

Ground quality:

Maximum height:
980 m

Complete height meter since tour start:
4.345 m

Height meter of the day:

07:08 a.m.

07:47 p.m.

Temperature day max:
29 °C

Temperature night:
10 °C

Depature time:
10:30 a.m.

Arrival time:
03:00 p.m.

Flat tyres total:

Flat tyres front:

Flat tyres back:

Flat tyres trailer:

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