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Every decision has consequences


Also the nicest days end, we must leave the heavenly place. It is still dark as we begin to pack up our belongings. Back on highway 3 it goes further upwards. To save energy and to give Ajaci a run we let our dog out of the trailer and let him run beside the bike for a few kilometres. Only short time later we come to an absolutely new big fast food restaurant. Many cars stand before it, Mongolian music splashes out from the loudspeakers, ice is sold and sandwiches are offered. If we would not know we are in Mongolia this place could also be in America or somewhere in Western Europe. Too early for a rest, still we stop and get us a tasty Mongolian meal. We see other cyclists, the man holds his head under a water hose to cool off. As we talk we find out that the both cycled from Peijing through Mongolia to Siberia and now they are on their way back home to China. These are the first Chinese we meet outside of China on bikes.

Late midday we reach the dusty village Ihsuuj. Quick we find the small house we know from some years ago. The tiny store in the ground floor is four times bigger meanwhile. As I enter to ask for a room, I recognise our hostess of some years ago immediately again. Because we were at that time her first foreign overnight stay, I also think to read in her eyes that she remembers me. She calls her daughter meanwhile about 13 years old. They have a room free. “It costs 30,000 Tugrik”, (13.43 €) the girl says in relatively good English. I follow her in the extremely hot first floor. "Here", she says in a little bit haughty tone on a space interpreting in it even a pig would not feel fine. „Wow, there it looks badly“, I say shocked looking over this garbage place. „If you do not want the room you can have an other one“, she answers with upraised head. Because I remember this girl from the time she was about seven years old, I am surprised at her development. At that time it was a charming, helpful, small and extremely pretty thing. How ugly arrogance can make, I think and ask for the price of the room which hardly differs from the other. Suddenly she has raised the price by 10,000 Tugrik (4.48 €) „40,000 Tugrik (17.91 €)? This is the price of a luxury room in a town“, I answer the head shaking. „You can also stay in a Yurt. It costs 50,000 Tugrik (22.38 €)”, she means condescendingly and shows me the Mongolian tent built up in the dusty, dilapidated inner courtyard. Because of the sun it is even hotter in the Yurt than in the holes under the roof. Without saying a word I leave the lodging place which was cultivated once and people treated us friendly and honest.“There it is an imposition to stay the night. Apart from the fact the people have become haughty and unfriendly“, I say to Tanja. „How much current do we still have?“, she asks. „Two accumulators are already empty. With the Goal Zero loading and the full accumulator three we create approx. another 40, maybe 50 kilometres. The gradients have increased, so the reach is bad to estimate.“ „To Ulan Bator we do not create it any more?“ „No, today proves also no sense. Best we go into town in the morning being fresh and with whole attention to master the city traffic.”„Okay, then we cycle as far as we today come. But where do we load for the tomorrow's distance our accumulators?“, Tanja would like to know. „With the solar cells. We must lay the solar panels tomorrow just somewhere a few hours in the sun“, I consider. Knowing we could get stuck with our momentary energy stock we still leave the dusty nest. It goes further uphill. The altimetre of my watch points 1,500 m. The energy announcement sinks rapidly. After a mountain top we make good distance down hill. More and more small, primitively built up stands stand at the street edge in those the nomads offer Airag (mare's milk) With self painted posters, people try to draw the attention of the driving past drivers to themselves and their, in plastic bottles bottled product. On some of the banners is even karaoke standing.

„Look there, this looks as if somebody rented there Yurts!“, I call Tanja. We hold at the street edge and ask a few Mongols whether one there on top can spend the night. "Be medehgüj", (I do not know) they answer. „I think we should drive up there“, I suggest. „This costs a lot of current“, replies Tanja. „One of us should maybe walk up and ask“, she says. „Walking costs also our energy and today, to tell the truth, I am completely finished. We simply risk it and invest the current to get up there“, I decide and we switch in the third gear and drive our E bikes with the heavy load up the mountain. To save energy Ajaci is allowed to walk next to the bike, therefore Tanja must not pull him. Then it goes further about difficult area over the earth runway up to approx. 1,600 m.

On the stairs of a log cabin there sit a few people.„ Are the Yurts over there for rent?“, I ask into broken Mongolian. "Tijmee", (Yes) I hear. "Nadad Ger heregtei", (We need a Yurt) "Tijmee", I hear happy to know we do not have to go on. A young girl runs to inform and get the owner of the Yurt camp. During we wait for the owner we answer, as usual, the questions after Where from and Where we go. After about 20 minutes two women welcome us in perfect English. They lead us to a spacious Yurt established in the middle of green grass in a breathtaking nice mountain slope. „Costs 70,000 Tugrik.“ (31.34 €) „Do you also have a cheaper one?“ „Yes for 50,000 Tugrik. (22.39 €), However, you come from so far and must be tired. If you want you can stay in the luxury Yurt. We give it to you for 50,000 Tugrik“, offer the two sisters, who lived many years in New York and now building up their new business.

After we have carried everything in the yurt we sit down on the stair before the entrance and rest and enjoy the pleasantly cooling evening wind. From our raised place we see the highway with an infinitely long car stream winding in the direction of Ulan Bator. The traffic has terrifically increased and becomes every year more one has reported to us. „This is the Sunday evening traffic. All the people come from their weekend excursion and go back to the capital“, the yurt owner explains. „Has appeared once again how useful it is to hear on our feeling“, I say on the headless light queue of cars looking. „Yes, they only wanted to cheat us in the last place. They had recognised that we were tired and wanted to put us for a completely overdone price in their dirty room“, answers Tanja. „And we have gone on consciously it was possible to remain lying without current in the middle on the distance“, I complement. „It appears again that it makes no sense to be guided from fear“, says Tanja. „Absolutely. Fear makes not free and limits the life. We would sit in a dirty, hot hole if we had ourselves subordinated to the fear. On top of that comes that we would have had to put our bikes in the scruffy inner courtyard. Who knows whether our bikes would be stolen there?“, I consider.„ Who knows? It is quite interesting which consequences every decision, and if it is still so small, can cause“, Tanja concludes with a contented smile.

The live reporting is supported by the firms Gesat GmbH: www.gesat.com and roda computer Ltd www.roda-computer.com The satellite phone Explorer 300 from Gesat and the rugged notebook Pegasus RP9 from Roda are the supporting columns of the transmission.


Day: 42


yurt camp 2   

Latitude N:

Longitude E:

Daily kilometer:
59 km

Total kilometer:
8.502 km

The crow:
44 km

Average speed:
17.8 km/h

Maximum speed:
44 km/h

Driving time:
3:18 am

Ground quality:

Maximum height:
1500 meter

06:36 a.m.

09:27 p.m.
Temperature day max:
35 °C

Temperature night:
10 °C

Depature time:
8:30 a.m.

Arrival time:
03:00 p.m.

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