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Moscow trans-Siberian railway

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03:00 o'clock p.m. we arrive with one hour delay in Moscow. We are just busy with the unloading of the equipment as a Russian asks us whether we own a dog. "Yes", answers Tanja surprised, because the man helps us presently in unloading. It turns out that he is the driver, we already have booked in advance in Germany, to bring us from the international railway station in Moscow to the national railway station. The traffic in Moscow is escorted in several rings around the town, we are on the internal ring … “, explains Valery friendly. Then Valery parks his pickup van before one of three national railway stations.

Then we try to find out on which rail the trans-Siberian railway drives. „We know this only 40 minutes before“, says the officer behind the windowpane of her counter. „And when does the train come?“ „Approx. 40 minutes before departure“, is the answer. Because it is now only 04:30 p.m. and our train sets at 00:35 a.m. off here we must spend eight hours here waiting and do not know where we should bring our luggage in this time. „To put it simply down on one of many platforms to drag it then 40 minutes before departure to the right rail is not a good idea. Valery sets out with me once more. Alertly he asks an officer on which rails the long-distance trains arrive. "Rail 2, 3 or 4", is the answer and therefore our rescue because these rails directly lie side by side.

Our train comes too late. Only at 00:00 o'clock we find out the rail. We are running there. Many people and carriers are there. Our compartment is completely in front. We are lucky this time. Carriers help us with our equipment. Without dog ticket they do not want to let our dog in the train. Tanja becomes a little bit angry. The conductor enquires with her boss. Then it is okay with the dog. We load everything in the compartment. Nobody complains. As we are inside, the train boss demands me to come with her. “Your bikes are too big. The regulation gives a smaller measure. Cut the cardboards.” I cut one of the big cardboard in the narrow compartment. I get nearly one fit of rage as I must put the front construction on the ground and besides, the mudguard fixture rips off. I do not get the other bike from the floor bed, too hard, completely wedges. “Bring it down!” demands the woman. “Impossible it is too heavy!” She laughs and gets a male for strengthening. I should fold up the bike. That is not possible. She brings old tools and points at the screws in the main shock absorber. She looks like she would like to unscrew best herself. I become loud, on which the boss threatens me with the police. I go and curse at the Russians and the journey. What a nonsense idea to bring our equipment by train to the Baikal.

Some time later we are asked again to the compartment with our bikes. Tanja is this time going and explaining here that I am an author and we like to report good from Russia. The woman becomes suddenly a little more affable. We are allowed now to leave the bikes in one piece in the compartment.

At 2:30 a.m. we creep in our beds.

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